It will be the distribution company of high-value products here in the Philippines providing quality yet affordable products and services to the Filipinos. 


To address evolving market needs through the maintenance of a portfolio of latest
products and service innovations. 

To be recognized as a premium machinery and quality tire distribution company
covering all corners of the Philippine archipelago.

Core Products

For TBR (Truck & Bus Radials), we have two brands: Effiplus and Keter.  We also have Techking Tires for OTR (Off-the-Road) Tires.

Corporate Profile

KC Best Sales, Inc. is a Philippine SEC-registered company formed in August 2005.  Through the years, it also became recognized as the most efficient distribution company.  Its revenues and operating income are healthy and getting stronger.



We truly believe that only customer satisfaction, and nothing else, will drive and sustain the business.  With this, we strive to look for products and services that will achieve that.  For the tire industry, we look at 2 levels of product quality – product strength and durability.  Price comes second.


Sadly, some customers are already happy if tires do not burst. For them, it does not matter if tires are durable or not, for as long as price targets are met. Yes, tires should not burst, but for us, tires should also last long.  In the end, customers should not only look for the absolute cost, which at times are very attractive. The true cost of ownership is the cost per kilometer or cost per trip.


While we cannot be sure that our prices will be the best in the market, we can certainly guarantee that all tires we deliver are of high quality, thus will not prematurely burst, and will last longer.